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Mobile Paper Shredding Services in Foothill Ranch & Portola Hills, California

Shred Wise, Inc. is proud to offer residential and commercial clients in Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills safe, efficient, and convenient document destruction services at highly cost-effective prices. Since 2006, thousands of satisfied customers have trusted us to properly dispose of their sensitive information. We use shredding practices and equipment that meet today’s strict privacy law requirements; have all of our shredding performed by our own carefully vetted and thoroughly trained staff; and provide customizable services to meet a wide range of needs. Our clients include doctor offices, dental offices, hospitals, government agencies, schools, law firms, accountants, banks, credit unions, aerospace companies, not-for-profits, mortgage companies, and others, who all have vested interests in keeping their data secure. With our dependable on-site and off-site shredding services available throughout Orange County, our clients in Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills are able to rest a little easier knowing that Shred Wise is readily available to meet their one-time, ongoing, or last-minute shredding needs.

Safe and Secure Document Destruction in Foothill Ranch & Portola Hills

Shred Wise is one of the leading, locally-based providers of safe and secure document destruction services to Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills, CA. Our success is directly related to the quality of our services. We use the best shredding equipment (mobile shred trucks and security consoles and rolling bins) available on the market today; provide flexible, dedicated, and affordable mobile shredding services; and have nearly a decade of experience. Our dedicated team of document destruction experts is able to help our customers get a customized solution for their specific needs, and consistently apply the industry’s best practices for the handling and destruction of protected information. Additionally, they can give helpful information on privacy regulations and restrictions; assist clients in developing a records retention plan; and provide onsite consultations for our clients in Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills.

Our Shredding Services Available in Portola Hills & Foothill Ranch, CA

Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills residential and commercial clients can call Shred Wise for all of their shredding needs. We offer:

  • on-site paper shredding on an as-needed or ongoing, regularly scheduled basis;
  • off-site paper shredding for large cleanouts/purges; and
  • drop-off shredding services at our centrally located facility.

All of these service are customizable, cost effective, and compliant with today’s privacy laws.

On-site and off-site mobile shredding is available Monday through Friday, and drop-off shredding is available seven days a week. Call today to arrange the shredding services you need in Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills, CA.

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As-Needed Paper Shredding Services in Portola Hills & Foothill Ranch, California

Anytime you need to have documents shredded quickly, securely, and cost efficiently, call Shred Wise. We can dispatch a mobile shred truck out to your home or business in Portola Hills or Foothill Ranch, and thoroughly destroy your sensitive documents in just minutes. Our shred truck features industrial shredders that can pierce and tear paper at a rate of 6,000 pounds per hour. When your paper is shredded in our shred trucks, it will get mixed with thousands of pounds of other shredded paper to dilute it before going to a local recycling facility where it can be made into entirely new products. With this service, there is no need to remove paper clips, rubber bands, or staples; and you can witness the destruction process happen right in front of you. Alternatively, we can dispatch a panel truck to pick up your paper, or you can simply drop off your boxes directly–and we’ll do all the shredding at our facility using one of our mobile shred trucks. Call today for as-needed paper shredding services in Portola Hills & Foothill Ranch. Quotes are free.

Ongoing Paper Shredding Services in Portola Hills & Foothill Ranch, California

Because of today’s strict privacy law requirements and the abundance of paper with protected information that is produced from everyday business transactions, nearly any business can benefit from our ongoing paper shredding services in Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch. Our regularly scheduled shredding service will help your business:

  • Comply with HIPAA, FACTA, GLBA, and other privacy laws;
  • Encourage your employees to dispose of sensitive information in the correct receptacles;
  • Keep your papers secure in locked containers in between service visits;
  • Destroy your documents at a more cost-effective and efficient rate than doing it all in house; and
  • Be green because we guarantee that 100% of your shredded paper will be recycled.

Additionally, by outsourcing your paper shredding needs, you won’t have to trust one of your employees with having to handle the destruction of your most confidential information. Instead, you’ll have a carefully screened staff member of Shred Wise come on site to complete your shredding. They’ll empty the bags of paper from the shred consoles directly into a lockable rolling security bin, and then take all of the rolling bins outside to the mobile shred truck. Our trucks feature a fully automated lift arm to pick up and empty each bin into the shredder. Once we are done, we’ll issue you a Certificate of Destruction, which you can retain as proof of destruction.

If you are interested in setting up ongoing shredding services in Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch for your business, call us today. We can schedule our mobile shredding service to occur bi monthly, monthly, biweekly, weekly, or quarterly, depending upon your needs. Our service agreements are simple (we only require 30 days’ notice to cancel), flexible, and easy to understand. There are no hidden fees and we will lock in your rates for one year. As an added bonus, when you sign a service agreement for recurring shred visits, you’ll be able to use our lockable shred consoles and rolling bins for free throughout the term of the agreement.

Why Are Document Destruction Services Necessary for Your Portola Hills or Foothill Ranch Business?

Document destruction refers to the safe shredding and disposal of sensitive documents. If you’re an individual, proper document destruction helps to protect you from having your identity stolen. However, if you are a business, document destruction is even more important: It contributes to safeguarding the proprietary and sensitive information of your business, employees, and clients, and helps to ensure your compliance with local and federal privacy laws. If you don’t take steps to comply with current privacy regulations, it not only exposes your business to unnecessary risks, but can also lead to huge fines. For these reasons and more, everyone from the small two-person shop to the large corporation stands to benefit from our Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch professional shredding services.

Paper Shredding Solutions for Portola Hills & Foothill Ranch Businesses

With over eight years of experience serving Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch businesses from nearly every industry, we’ve learned what kinds of information our clients need to protect. Here is just a small sampling of the range of documents we shred for our diverse clientele:

  • Medical Billing Companies – personal medical information, patient insurance information, past due notices
  • Convalescent Homes – medical records, resident files, patient care records
  • Doctors, Dentists & Hospitals – patient records, medical charts, other protected health information
  • Payroll Companies – financial information, tax documents, sales tax documents, employment information
  • Police and Fire Departments – arrest records, citations, court documents, photos of crime scenes, investigation files, human resource files
  • Insurance Companies – claim forms, patient files and charts, accident reports, DMV records, insurance policies, personal assets, medical records, property lists
  • Aerospace Companies – government contracts, government specifications, proprietary information, bids, contracts, engineering plans
  • Schools and School Districts – disciplinary records, teacher evaluations, student medical records, union negotiation documents, IEPs, cume charts
  • Financial Planning Companies – wills, trusts, retirement information, financial statements, tax information, stock trade information, buy sell agreements, growth charts, financial plans, social security numbers
  • Real Estate, Escrow, and Mortgage Companies – leases, offers, closing docs, escrow papers, title insurance

By providing these businesses with safe, secure, and reliable shredding services in Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch at affordable rates, we help them comply with privacy legislation, protect their proprietary information, reduce their risks and liabilities related to data breaches, and maintain the trust of their employees and clients. Call today and speak with one of our experts. We’re happy to answer your questions about current privacy legislation, assist you in setting up a records retention and destruction schedule, and determine which paper shredding program will be most cost effective for your needs.

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Shred Wise Inc. is a locally based, family-owned and -operated commercial mobile shredding company. We have been serving the paper shredding needs of the local community since 2006, and know how to customize our shredding services to accommodate a wide range of needs, from those who need a one-time purge to those who want ongoing, regularly scheduled service visits. We are licensed and National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) compliant.

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