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Think it can’t get any worse? 5 Ways to keep yourself Safe!

Let’s go with this scenario:
You have not shredded for years and everything is kept safely in your office…or so you think.  Before you know it your credit card is showing large charges you didn’t make, you have checks being cashed that you didn’t write, and worst of all your best client just called you to tell you that the information you are holding for him has been breached.

Too many people have a false sense of security in the Lock on the door of their office.  Who else has a key to that lock?   The cleaning service, the janitor, the handyman, the window washer, the property management company, the past tenant, your employees and whomever they decide to invite in with them on the weekend, the old cleaning service you fired, disgruntled employees…the list goes on and on!

How can you keep yourself safe from the greedy hands and the snooping eyes of those who are looking for information that might make them some money.  What might they be looking for?  social security numbers, credit card numbers, title papers, insurance papers, addresses of wealthy clients, phone numbers, competitor’s information, classified information…and the list goes on again!

With so many people out of work and hungry for some money no matter how they get it, your paperwork is in jeopardy.  People are more tempted than ever to help themselves to your information for their benefit.  I have personally seen dumpster divers ravaging dumpsters in office areas in hopes of gleaning that one piece of information that is going to make them rich…at least for this week.

How do you stay safe from information breaches, intellectual property leaks, and Identity Theft?  Don’t trust that lock on your door to keep you safe from those who would harm you.  Shred now and shred often.  Shred Wise can provide locking bins or consoles to place your paper conveniently away from prying eyes.  Our frequent on-going scheduled shredding service can get the unneeded paperwork out of your office in a timely fashion so it is not available to be stolen.

Make a decision today to keep you, your company and your clients safe from Identity Theft and the costly and time-consuming hassles that come with Identity Theft and Information Breaches.

Here are 5 ways you can keep yourself safe:

1. Hire a Professional Shredding Service.  Shredding is your front-line of defense against ID Theft.
2. Invest in a good safe for the confidential papers you must maintain.
We suggest Maximum Security Safes a company we can personally recommend.
3. Do a background check on all new hires.
4. Keep all paperwork off your desk when you leave for the night. Lock it away from prying eyes.
5. Never use the dumpster for any paperwork with two points of identification such as; name, address, phone, social security number, parcel number, ID badge number, picture, etc.

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